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  • The American Institute of Urban and Regional Affairs - The only non-governmental association dedicated specifically to advancing sustainable development as a field of professional practice

  • Associates in Rural Development, Inc. - Consulting services in international development, GIS, GPS, and information management services.

  • Business Council for Sustainable Development - Latin America - The Business Council for Sustainable Development - Latin America (BCSD-LA) is a private organization whose mission is to promote leadership for change towards sustainable development in our continent.

  • CARC Home Page - CARC, a national public interest organization doing research, advocacy and public information on Arctic sustainable and equitable development.

  • CARE is the world largest NGO in the field of international relief and development.

  • Center for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment - CESSE works on sustainable development indicators and resources, green accounting, EIA, air pollution and modelling.

  • The Center for Regenerative Studies - A CSU Pomona-based setting for education, demonstration and research in self-sustaining technologies.

  • Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development - Provides information and consulting to U.S. communities on sustainable development techniques. Databases, publications, articles, success stories online.

  • Centre for Sustainable Technology - A Scottish Centre for Sustainable technology with a diverse set of companies working to a common goal.

  • Communications for a Sustainable Future (CSF) operates many mailing lists related to the topics of sustainability, the environment, and related social issues.

  • Cottonwood Foundation - A small foundation giving grants to grassroots groups worldwide that protect the environment, empower people and promote cultural diversity.

  • Coyote's Way - Alternatives to Environmental Destruction. Environmental events and issues in the Cascadia bioregion.

  • Delft University - Interduct Clean Technology Institute serves as contact between 'the outside world' and groups within the University that conduct research in the environmental field.

  • Earth Pledge Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting Sustainable Development

  • Ecotrust is a private, nonprofit organization established in 1991 to promote conservation-based development, beginning in the temperate rain forests of North America.

  • ERIN - Integrating Environment and Development - The Environmental Resources Information Network [ERIN] aims to provide geographically related data of an extent, quality and availability required for planning and decision making.

  • Findhorn Foundation In Scotland, we are an educational charity and international, spiritual community. We are developing as an eco-village.

  • Foundation for Global Sustainability - An environmental advocacy/activist group for the East Tennessee and Southern Appalachian region.

  • Global Environmental Options - GEO supports the creation of sustainable buildings and communities through education, integrated environmental planning and coalition building.

  • Green CrossRoads - A non-aligned, global networking organisation building sustainable partnerships.

  • Green Parties of North America are working in communities and in politics at all levels for a world that's nonviolent, socially just, ecologically sane, and truly democratic.

  • ILSR WWW Home Page - Nonprofit working on environmentally sound economic development strategies.

  • Integrating Environment and Development - Ecologically Sustainable Development in Australia - an index to documents and WWW information on Australia's approach to sustainable development.

  • International Institute for Resource Management - Focus on reconciling Scientific and Ecological learning for sustainable development

  • Joiners' Quarterly - Magazine focusing on timber framing and sustainable construction - we also have a building school

  • The Latin American Alliance - Its mission is sudevelop environmental and sustainable information for Latin American

  • Menominee Sustainable Development Institute - The Menominee have created a powerfull example of a sustainable society that lives in the modern world.

  • Millennium Institute - Millennium Institute provides tools to help nations achieve sustainability and reports on the state of the world.

  • National Wildlife Federation's International Office - Confronts worldwide threats to wildlife, wetlands, clean water andother environmental values

  • Native Hawaiian Advisory Council Water Rights into Reality

  • Northwest Environment Watch - Northwest Environment Watch's mission is to foster a sustainable economy in the Northwest to provide an example for the world.

  • O2W3 contains green design, environmental product design, design for the environment, ecodesign, greener product development.

  • OneWorld Online is the world's largest independent Web site devoted exclusively to sustainable development and is the Internet's meeting place for everyone who is interested in global themes, such as peace, justice, development and human rights

  • Resource Guide for Straw Bale Construction

  • Stockholm Environment Institute - Boston Center - SEI-B develops and applies methods for sustainable development.

  • Sustainable Communities Network of Nova Scotia The mandate of the SCN is to promote a vision of resilient communities which are environment and people friendly. In this vision, communities have a healthy and diverse economic, social and cultural life, and a measure of self-reliance. The SCN promotes this vision by facilitating information exchange, educational opportunities and cooperation among groups and individuals with an interest in sustainable communities.

  • Sustainable Development DIMENSIONS - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

  • Sustainable Development Institute - An environmental think and action tank exploring sustainability programs for island communities.

  • Sustainable Development Online is the home of the Chattanooga Tennessee Sustainable Technology Forum. Host of the January Presidents Council on Sustainable Development and soon to be home of the PCSD's ongoing information.

  • Sustainable Development Research Institute - Interdisciplinary research-how our environment, the economy and society can better work together. Partnerships with industries, interational organizations, and NGOs.

  • Sustainable Living - An effort to bring together information on how to LIVE sustainably on a personal level and create a sustainable society.

  • Sustainable Technologies Inc. - STI is committed to the commercialization of key sustainable tech using bioconversion technology as a simple solution

  • Sustainable TIMES on-line newspaper - An alternative environmental newspaper on sustainability issues, green economics and natural living. Includes action ideas and success stories.

  • The Trust for Sustainable Development - The Trust is a not-for-profit federally chartered Canadian corporation specializing in building Sustainable Communities.

  • Union for Sustainable Development - Environmental group concerned with the ecological view point

  • University of Arizona - The International Arid Lands Consortium is an independent, nonprofit research organization supporting ecological sustainability in arid and semiarid lands worldwide.

  • University of British Columbia - LFB Eco-Research Project - An interdisciplinary research project investigating

  • University of Kentucky - Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development - An organization dedicated to promoting multidisciplinary analysis and research on needs, causes, and consequences of development.

  • University of Oregon - The Oregon Land Use Information Center is dedicated to providing information about Oregon's land use program

  • University of Oregon - Coyote's Way Alternatives to Environmental Destruction. Environmental events and issues in the Cascadia bioregion.

  • University of Virginia - Yellow Mountain Institute for Sustainable Living offers an introduction to low-cost, sustainable building techniques, such as rammed-earth tire, straw-bale, and cordwood construction, and to a variety of alternative energy systems.

  • We The People's School of Sustainability - We The People is a membership organization dedicated to political reform and social justice

  • World Conservation Monitoring Centre - The World Conservation Monitoring Centre is a non-profit organization working in the field of nature conservation through the its sustainable development. It maintains the official 'red lists' of endangered plant and animal species, etc.

  • Yellow Mountain Institute for Sustainable Living - offers an introduction to low-cost, sustainable building techniques, such as rammed-earth tire, straw-bale, and cordwood construction, and to a variety of alternative energy systems.




      Sustainability Institute

      Earth-Info Net

      World Sustainability Hearing



        Communications Initiative is a partnership between The Rockefeller Foundation, UNICEF, USAID, WHO, BBC World Service, CIDA, Johns Hopkins University's Center for Communication Programming, UNFPA, Soul City and Panos. This is a recommended resource, though it should be noted that the "Initiative" tends to focus on institutional endeavors rather than grassroots programs. One complaint -- there is little on this website to show how the initiative began or for how long it will run. Among the best features on this site are Drum Beat and the News features (

        Community-based Environmental Protection is a new resource from the United States's Environmental Protection Agency. While this is not specific to the Americas, there are a number of useful resources. Due to site design, it's difficult to give URLs specific documents. Under news, for example, you'll find profiles of upcoming conferences on environmental decision-making and communities and wetlands.

        Eco-Portal - the EnvironmentalSustainability.Info Source is a new resource created by Glen Barry. The site tracks the latest environmental news stories which are updated several times daily. Kudos for its up-to-date "Road to Johannesburg" Earth Summit 2 Coverage!

        Eco-Village Information Service: Check out the communities around the world which have a holistic connection to the environment. The site includes the Global Eco-village Network (GEN), as well as a list of other resources and a calendar of events.


        Exploring Ecotourism on the website ( reviews the concepts behind environmental tourism and provides practical suggestions for travelers, entrepreneurs and policy-makers alike. This feature -- a Exclusive -- combines original research with a number of exterior links.

        Green and Growing: From the Ground Up began as a teachers' lesson guide on food, agriculture, and sustainable development. This on-line version is divided into five lessons; The History of Agriculture and a Description of Sustainable Development; Soil; Agriculture and Chemicals; The Real Cost of Food; and Everything's Connected. This highly recommended website is prepared by Bryan Johnson and Keith Turner.

        SD Gateway based in Canada, where I guess "SD" is known by everyone as shorthand for "Sustainable Development." That bit of jargon aside, this is a highly-recommended, trilingual site. A "network of some of the world's leading sustainable development institutes," these organisations have formed the Sustainable Development Communications Network in order to improve their online products and services.

        Sustainable Development Dimensions is an excellent new site hosted by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Information is divided into four areas: People, Institutions, Knowledge and Environment. The site is updated monthly. Includes information in Spanish.

        Talking about Development: Highly recommended collection of real stories. This site - created by Vera Britto - is better than ever. Highly innovative and exceptionally interesting!


      Spotlight on World Summit on Sustainable Development

        Rhodes Journalism Review
        From Rio to Johannesburg: New Paths for International Tourism - Lisa Mastny
        A Discussion on Sustainable Development and Tourism - Tourism Concern


        The Inter-American Development Bank's Social Programs and Sustainable Development Department (SDS) has made major improvements to its website. Among the useful resources are a site map a site map ( ), an enhanced search engine (, and a publications database (

        AmericasNet: Florida International University's Summit of the Americas Center tends toward an institutional focus - regardless of whether progress is actually being made. The site shows notable improvement in 2002. The "breaking news" is timely!

        The Business Council for Sustainable Development - Latin America offers general pages on the history and mission of the BSCD. New online pages include information on the first interamerican conference on joint implementation and sustainable development, held in San Salvador and the BCSD-LA document "Sustainable Development in Latin America." The site does not offer much in terms of news and it is unclear of how successful the council actually is in meeting its lofty goals.

        Earth Network for Sustainable Development - Formerly Earth Council, this organization was created at the 1992 Earth Summit, and though it's had a website for some time, only recently has Earth Council developed into a content-rich archive. For example, in 1998 it launched a directory of the National Councils for Sustainable Development and similar entities (NCSD) at Unfortunately, the site does not appear to be updated frequently. See What's New.

        Environment Australia does not focus on Latin America but it does provide a good example of what a useful government site can offer. Documents available include summaries of Australia's National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development (NSESD), the InterGovernmental Agreement on the Environment (IGAE) and National Reports to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD). Information on environmental economics and links to other sites with sustainable development information are also available for public viewing.

        International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT): This center is based in Cali, Colombia. Projects include Crop Improvement, Agrobiodiversity and Land Management. Kudos to CIAT for producing regular updates for the Ecoregional Network for Latin America/Red Ecorregional para America Latina. To receive the updates, contact Isabel Gutierrez.

        International Institute for Environment and Development has vastly improved. In the spring of 1996 there wasn't much information at this site. Now a great deal is online.

        The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is the international environmental agency for local governments. More than 200 municipalities from 43 countries participated in the founding of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) at the World Congress of Local Governments for a Sustainable Future held in September, 1990 at the United Nations in New York.

        International Development Research Centre (Ottawa, Canada) is pledged to building a sustainable and equitable world. To meet this challenge, the Centre has focused its efforts on five multi-disciplinary themes: Biodiversity, Poverty and environmental damage, Food systems under stress, Information and communication and Technology and the environment.

        The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is a non-profit organization established and supported by the Governments of Canada and Manitoba. IISD's mandate is to promote sustainable development in decision making within government, business and the daily lives of individuals in Canada and the world. Looking for indicators of Sustainable Development. Look at the compendium online This is a beautiful site!

        Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) publishes or distributes a series of bulletins in both English and Spanish, including BRIDGES Weekly Trade News Digest, Connection to the Americas, Intellectual Property & Biodiversity News, NAFTA & Inter-American Trade Monitor, El Monitor de NAFTA y Comercio Interamericano, IATP Propiedad Intelectual y Biodiversidad Noticias. The Minnesota-based center has a long history of promoting responsible trade and its publications are a model of advocacy journalism.

        Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) is a disappointment and it's unclear if its presence in the real world is much better. The online description reads: "In each LEAD member country or regions, approximately 15 promising mid-career are recruited from a broad range of disciplines and professional sectors to become Associates in the two-year program." Empty virtual conference halls and out-of-date contact lists undermines what could be a useful resource.

        Organization of the American States: "The OAS' Department of Regional Development and Environment conducts technical cooperation and training programs to assist the member States in their efforts to preserve their natural resources. It works with the countries on planning sustainable development, managing the environment and preparing investment programs and projects." The site has some country-specific reports, though none online and the website offers few contacts. Pages include a Proposal to Create a Sustainable Development Unit and the Bolivia Summit.

        PLEDS: "The Resource Directory was developed by the Fundacion Acceso at the request of the Business Leadership for Sustainable Development Program (PLEDS) an initiative of INCAE (the Central American Business Institute). This Network of 50 members from 18 countries of Latin America seeks to motivate the region's young business leaders to undertake specific projects in support of the sustainable development of their companies, sectors, and countries by providing them with access to practical business information, personal references, management training, and opportunities for dialogue both within the network as well as with professionals in other sectors. Part of the Acceso project at

        PRODERS: Mexico's regional program for sustainable development run by the Environmental Secretariat (SEMARNAP) is an exemplary web site. Mexico demonstrates great leadership in distributing information on this topic.

        RAFI: This is a wonderful, content-rich site! RAFI is an international non-governmental organization headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) and with affiliate offices in Pittsboro, North Carolina (USA). "RAFI is concerned about the loss of genetic diversity - especially in agriculture - and about the impact of intellectual property rights on agriculture and world food security."

        United Nations Environment Programme remains a disappointment. They say: "Geneva is a leading center for international treaties and major programmes dealing with the environment and sustainable development. Most of these activities are sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) or by the UN Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development (DPCSD)." I would ask that there be more specific information from the United Nations, starting with a useful calendar.

        United Nations Environment Program, Work Group on Sustainable Product Development: Includes information about the working group, its database, links to other environmental web pages, the newsfax archive and information on joining the program. There is also a Economic and Social Development section -- -- online.

        World Bank - Environmentally Sustainable Development: Content-bereft - this site has a list of tempting publications, none of which are available via the website and a calendar of events that is available only to World Bank staff: "The ESD Calendar of Events and Outputs is available only to World Bank staff that are accessing the Internet through the Bank's connection. People not in the Bank can not access this page." This is an embarrassment! For such an important division, it's a shame there is no documentation available to the public here. No email and don't even try to connect to the calendar section.

        World Business Council for Sustainable Development: What starts as a good idea -- entrepreneurs working to protect the environment, talking about eco-efficiency and corporate social responsibility. But it's unclear what the group really does. Publications are available, in PDF format unfortunately. The WBCSD produces the quarterly Trade and Environment Bulletin, which offers a good review of current news in this field.


        Context Institute is a content-rich website, focusing on "sustainable culture." This is a great resource for planetary thinking and access to more than 1,000 articles. Bad news -- the site has not been updated since July 2000.

        Academy 2000: Distance Learning in the Watershed Approach is an innovative project from the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States. The content is not directly related to Latin America, but give this site kudos for providing an assortment of interesting documents online. Choice quote from the site: "Our economic choices should not be based on the principle of maximizing utility, but rather on minimizing regret."

        Designing the Future - Proceedings from a 1996 Permaculture Conference is an excellent resource about sustainable agriculture. I wish more conferences put the full-text of terrific presentations online. While the conference was global in scope, there are several Latin America-specific articles, including one that details permaculture in Nicaragua

        Sustainable Development Reporting Project is an archive of articles written by John Burnett, an Austin, Texas-based reporter, who also prepared audio versions of this series for National Public Radio. This is an excellent snapshot of sustainable development in Mexico and Central America from the 1990s.

        Sustainable Development: Implications for World Peace was a 1996 conference held in Austin, Texas. Some of the papers are online as well as conference photos. Unfortunately, some of the links aren't working and the host does not respond to emails... Many of the papers, such as Sustaining Peace in Central America: The Challenges of the Central American Alliance for Sustainable Development tend to relay too heavily on what the institutions say they are doing instead of reviewing actual progress. Another paper, Philip Howard's Unsustainable Development and Conflict in Chiapas is listed but never has been accessible online.




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